I Can Do Hard Things Turtle Illustration - Hand Lettered

I Can Do Hard Things

There’s nothing easy about making your dreams a reality, but it’s possible, and that’s enough for me. Believing that you can do hard things is half the battle. And when you think you have it hard, just think about sea turtles. Why?

Turtle babies hatch on the beach relying on the light of the moon to guide them to the sea in a mad dash through the worst obstacle course ever (complete with predators and distractions of artificial lights). Once they reach the sea, they have to swim as hard as they can fighting riptides and waves to make it to the ocean current. Then they go through “the lost years” — a 10 to 15 year period where they are carried along constantly avoiding predators and deadly tangles of seaweed. They can hide in their shells, but they won’t get anywhere unless they stick out their necks. And when they finally make it past the age when things get easier, others see them as slow creatures just swimming along living the dream.

We may have it tough, but while we may get distracted, tangled and lost at times, at least we won’t get eaten. This illustration acts a reminder to keep going, because we all can do hard things.

The illustration was painted in gouache and is available in raster format (Photoshop). Contact me to discuss licensing my turtle art for your products.


Hand Lettered, Characters

Available for Licensing

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