Entertain your kids with these free printable drawing activity sheets. I love doodle sheets because they give children an idea to start with (since staring at a blank page can be intimidating) while still allowing them to be creative, and it’s way more fun than just a coloring sheet! My daughter wanted to join in on the fun of creating doodle sheets, so I’ve included hers here too! Feel free to share, but please link back to my website for downloading the PDFs.

Notes on Commercial Use: You ARE allowed to print these out to hand out at your place of business to entertain children (great for waiting rooms and classrooms!). However, you may NOT resell, modify, or use my illustrations in products or other commercial materials. If you want to customize a page with your logo, or have a doodle activity sheet created just for you, contact me about my illustration services.

Click on the images below to download the printable PDFs.

Spring Flowers Kids Drawing Activity

Spring Plants Drawing Activity

Valentine's Day Printable Activity

Heart Valentine’s Day Activity

Valentine's Day Drawing Activity Printable

Valentine’s Day Candy Drawing Prompt

Winter Kids Drawing Activity Printable

Winter Clothes Drawing Activity

Holiday Snow Globe Drawing Activity Printable for Kids

Holiday Snow Globe Drawing Activity

Fall Drawing Challenge: 30 Days of Doodles

Fall Challenge: 30 Days of Doodles

Pumpkin Drawing Halloween Activity

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Activity

Nature Mandala Printable Activity

Nature Mandala Activity

Design a Book Cover for Owl

Design a Book Cover Activity

Ice Cream Truck Summer Drawing Activity

Ice Cream Drawing Activity

Bug Journal Printable Activity Book

Bug Journal Printable

Flowers of Appreciation Card Drawing Activity

Flowers of Appreciation Card

Unicorn Hair Doodle Activity Printable for Kids

Unicorn Hair Doodle Activity Printable

Under the Sea Narwhal Doodle Activity Sheet Printable

Under the Sea Narwhal Doodle Activity

Unicorn Mermaid Doodle Activity Sheet Printable

Unicorn Mermaid Doodle Activity

Fall Leaf Doodle Activity Printable

Leaf Animals Doodle Activity

Halloween Magic Potion Doodle Activity Printable

Magic Potion Doodle Activity

Thanksgiving Gratitude Coloring Doodle Activity Printable

Thanksgiving Gratitude Doodle Activity

Christmas Holiday Doodle Activity Sheet

Holiday Cookies Doodle Activity

New Year Goals - Kids Vision Board Activity Printable

New Year Goals Doodle Activity

St. Patrick's Day Coloring Sheet Activity Printable

St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Activity

Tea Party Drawing Coloring Activity Sheet

Tea Party Drawing Activity

Spring At Home Bucket List

Spring At Home Bucket List

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