• You’re on the hunt to find head-turning art for your company’s products (that you needed like yesterday), and the options are overwhelming.

    How would it feel to stop scrolling and start bringing your product ideas to life?

    I help clients design products that parents crave and children love. Through licensing or commissions, I provide happy illustrations via easy-to-use files. Need to make a simple change? I’ll get it done, no tears shed! Because besides great art, you want great relationships. I’ve dealt with arrogant designers and vague bosses, and ain’t nobody got time for that!

    Clients have told me how easy I am to work with. And with more than a decade of experience designing marketing materials for small businesses, I know a few things about standing out in a crowded market.

Mandy Porta - Children's Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer


Hi, I’m Mandy Porta, a children’s illustrator and surface pattern designer based in south Louisiana. You might find me searching for beauty in the everyday or admiring the imaginations and fearless creativity of my two little girls and SEVEN nieces. Seeing firsthand the things that make kids giggle in joy is such a thrill.

But like many parents, I feel like kids just have too much stuff! When I’m gift shopping, you can bet I’m choosing products that not only match their interests but also nurture creativity and inspire those wonderful imaginations. That’s why I’m passionate about providing happy art for products that add value to the lives of parents and children.

Before launching a business in surface pattern design, I worked directly with small businesses to design everything from logos and branding materials to brochures and websites. I put my design work on hold when my girls were born and rediscovered my love for making joyful art. As a child of a talented and crafty stay-at-home mom, I grew up drawing and making things, but I had settled for a more reliable career in corporate graphic design. Thankfully my kids reignited my creative spirit, and now I spend my days drawing, painting and illustrating.

My art has been featured in Print & Pattern, Make It In Design and Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine. But enough about me, I would love to learn more about you! Let’s have a chat to see how my art can set your products apart.

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